RAPAD Employment Services – 2016 Annual Review

General Managers Message

RAPAD Employment Services Queensland (RESQ) has had a heartening response since our formation in July 2013. In just twelve months engagement of our communities, business people, and Councils has been encouraging. Job Seeker numbers across the Central West Region grew steadily to 200 mid-year and towards the end of the financial Year we were servicing 265 job seekers.

We have invested significant time and resources in our first twelve months building networks and engaging with employers and job seekers to earn their trust. The core objectives of the Federal Government’s Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) – creating real jobs, improving school attendance and making safer communities – have been activated through RESQ’s first twelve months even with challenging social and economic times.

The ongoing drought is having significant impact on regional communities with a decline in real communities and making employment opportunities scarce across all sectors. Entry level jobs are the first to disappear and we have witnessed a very tight employment market as businesses contract and downsize to ride out this poor business period. With a huge variety of clients from across a huge geographic area including small regional and rural towns under our care, RESQ’s team has made sure to tailor care and support for each group to suit their economic, cultural and lifestyle circumstances.

We have successfully placed job seekers in the Retail, Hospitality, Civil Construction, Age Care, Child Care and Agricultural sectors. These placements resulted from developing appropriate career pathways and providing skilling and training aligned to Individual job seeker requirements as well as providing ongoing mentoring and post placement support for job seekers.

The commitment of our team to bring projects to fruition and the enthusiasm of participants to improve their lives, when an opportunity is presented, is impressive. We have developed a very strong partnership with RAPAD Skilling to ensure that job seekers throughout the Central West Region have ready access to training and skilling delivered at local community level.

The RESQ team have developed and activated a diverse range of Community Projects throughout the Central West. Some big, like the Drought and Weed Project, and others small, like the Birdsville Gazebo and Leatherwork Group. But all delivering outcomes for participants and their communities. You can read about some of these projects in this Annual Review.

Our leadership team will continue in 2015 to represent our region to Government representatives toward finding long term solutions for our community’s employment needs. Stable funding and tenure would ensure the success of our employment and training programs. This stability would allow RESQ to invest in longer term projects between job seekers and employers with productive outcomes for the region’s future.

Mr Tony Rayner,

General Manager, RAPAD Employment Services Queensland (RESQ)

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RESQ supports regional communities in South West and Central West Queensland. Our offices are located in Longreach, Charleville and Blackall.

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