Julie Leithhead

As a Senior Employment Consultant for RESQ Plus, she travels to Winton, Muttaburra, Aramac, Barcaldine, Jericho, Alpha, Birdsville and Stonehenge, visiting employers and job seekers. Julie says travelling to the small towns helps her understand the opportunities that are available, so she can match job seekers to the right role. “When I understand what both the employer and job seeker are looking for, I can work on getting a good outcome and longterm, sustainable employment for both parties.”

Based in Longreach, Julie’s role also includes auditing, reporting, quality assurance and training new employment consultants.“A lot of training focuses on how to help job seekers build a resume or how to engage with employers.
“But you also have to show people how to be empathetic without taking on the weight of the world. In these roles, you deal with a lot of other people’s problems. It’s important to keep an eye on your own mental health, as well as others.”

Julie herself has worked for RESQ Plus for three years now. She spent her first year working with disengaged youth, assisting them with looking for apprenticeships and job search and
training opportunities. “This company has given me the ability to grow a lot in myself and my work. I’m very proud of the work I do and the team I work with.”

“The RESQ team is very supportive. It’s a young team in the Longreach area. I’m probably the oldest, so they keep me young. “I can go to them with any questions about how young people are thinking and the struggles young people have. They educate me as much as I educate them.”

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