Tim Sorensen

In 2019, he and his family left the beachside township of Port Hedland, Western Australia, in search of adventure. Travels across north-west Australia led them all the way to Longreach. When he walked through the doors at RESQ Plus, he didn’t know he’d still be there one year later. Tim says he went in looking for part-time work.“I literally walked in with my one-year-old on my hip and walked out with a job as the new supervisor,” Tim said.

A mechanic and electrician by trade, Tim now manages a team of job seekers, organising community projects that will help build their skills and confidence. He says he tries to find activities that are enjoyable, different and help build self-confidence. “Some people haven’t had an opportunity to see what they’re capable of.” Tim is also working with Camden Park Station, testing spraying fuels that might help control the region’s infestation of prickly acacia. If tests are successful, the project will be turned into an Activity Generating Income (AGI). This gives job seekers an opportunity to earn an income, as well as build skills and contribute to the community. “These activities help job seekers gain the respect of property owners. “People tell us that it’s great to see job seekers out there. We’re showing them what we can do and how we’re making a difference.

While it may have started as an adventure, Tim’s quickly found a place to belong.
“I miss the beach. But the team at RESQ Plus are fantastic. There’s a lovely community feel.”

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RESQ supports regional communities in Central West, Far West and South West Queensland. Our offices are located in Longreach, Blackall, Charleville, Cunnamulla and Mitchell.

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