RAPAD Employment Services 2014 Annual Review

Chairman’s Message

The Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) in Longreach, in a joint venture with Employment Services Queensland (ESQ), was tasked in 2013 with establishing a successful program to service the Australian Government’s Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) across Central West Queensland.

I am pleased to report RAPAD Employment Services Queensland (RESQ) came alive as the carrier of the RJCP and is effectively meeting the needs of our 15 communities within just one year of operation. For practical reasons Longreach is our operational hub. It’s all about improved school attendance, real jobs and safer communities for both indigenous and non-indigenous people of the Central West. The Board is proud to lead our highly skilled staff, with General Manager Tony Rayner providing the strategic link between our direction and the implementation of RESQ programs and activities.

Our first year of operation has seen us establish a strong well-staffed and well-managed organisation. We have good personnel, financial management and governance. Our newly appointed chartered accountants gave RESQ a clean audit result which reinforces the Board’s confidence in the organisation. As testament to our sound management and good outcomes, we have been continually invited to participate in other programs that aim to grow employment in our communities.

I am very proud to see our weed eradication program showing potential to provide strong outcomes for communities, landholders and the environment, across the entire Lake Eyre Basin. As a Board it is important that we help facilitate solid community programs through healthy partnerships. In 2014 and 2015 we will continue to advocate for consistent long term solutions for training and employment across the Central West and persistently try and educate decision makers on our challenges and needs.

Rob Chandler,

Chairman’s Message Rob Chandler Mayor of Barcaldine, Chairman of RAPAD and RESQ.

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